Base URL

The base URL of all API requests is:



Authentication against the OmnyStudio API is performed by means of the Authorization header. The authorization scheme should be of type OmnyToken. The value should be the token exactly as it appears on the API Keys page in Omny Studio.

For example if your OmnyStudio API Key Token was "SampleAPIKeyToken" all your requests would include the header:

Authorization: OmnyToken SampleAPIKeyToken

You may also supply the API Key Token as part of the request URL, using the apikey query parameter. For example: /test/ping?apikey=SampleAPIKeyToken

Generating clients

The API provides a Swagger compatible specification available at /api-spec/v0. Check this list of tools and editor to generate an API client library for your programming environment.

Data format

Name Format


A specific time on a specific date in UTC timezone


e.g. 2016-07-06T07:44:34.888Z


An unique identifier


e.g. 21EC2020-3AEA-4069-A2DD-08002B30309D